Cupreon Bits

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“Cupreon” is a material created exclusively for Mikmar, specifically for horses. This material exemplifies Mikmars dedication to producing innovative products that continue to improve communication between horse and rider. Favorable to horses, “Cupreon” is a superior quality Copper alloy. Due to the composition and oxidation process, this appealing and highly palatable formulation promotes salivation and mouthing of the bit. It is non-toxic and Nickel free. It warms easily in the mouth and is well accepted by horses including those, which are hard to bit. The addition of other metals improves Copper making “Cupreon” a durable alloy with longevity. The unique alloy “Cupreon” is patent pending and available only through the Mikmar Bit Company.


The Cupreon Simple Center Mouthpiece
Simple CenterThe Cupreon Simple Center Mouthpiece offers an uncomplicated yet effective design. Ideal for so many situations, from starting youngsters, to preserving the older horses mouth, it fits a wide variety of breeds and oral conformations. It is excellent for competition and pleasure riding. The double-jointed mouthpiece conforms nicely to the mouth and eliminates the undesirable, pinching and "nutcracker action" often associated with bit evasion and defensive behavior. The vertically positioned "Simple Center" Link is well constructed in both shape and thickness for excellent results. This Center link is combined with various bar sizes and slightly curved bars for a nice softer feel and proper fit. This mouthpiece is available with Two Ring (16mm bar thickness), Three Ring (16mm bar thickness) and Bradoon (14mm bar thickness) style cheeks.

The Ergöm Lozenge Mouthpiece
Approved by both the USEF and USDF, the Cupreon Ergöm Lozenge is a double-jointed style mouthpiece with a unique center link. The Ergöm Lozenge is a grooved center link and is an ideal size and shape for effectiveness and comfort. The bars of the mouthpiece measure 16mm and are curved, fitting properly and conforming to each individual horses mouth. The shape of the mouthpiece combined with its horizontal position eliminates the undesirable “ nutcracker action” reducing pinching, with no palate interference. Because it breaks to the outside of the tongue, it also softens excessive pressure to the center of the tongue and presents a more consistent feel across the mouth. “Cupreon” encourages salvia production and helps keep a mouth soft and fresh over time. Horses accept the mouthpiece well; they chew and relax, resulting in a horse that is content and better prepared to perform. This mouthpiece is available with Loose Ring, Eggbutt, Loose Ring-Eggbutt, D Ring, Full Cheek, and Pelham style cheeks.

The Cupreon French Link Roller Mouthpiece
The Cupreon French Link Roller Mouthpiece offers a copper roller which stimulates saliva production with its rolling action, keeping a nervous or “busy mouthed” horse pacified. The double-jointed, French Link Roller style centerpiece provides excellent control with out abuse. This centerpiece combined with the curved bars measuring 16 mm in thickness, sit properly and comfortably in the mouth. The French Link Roller mouthpiece offers mild pressure to the center of the tongue, yet eliminates “nutcracker action” and extreme pinching of the tongue. Mikmars “Cupreon” encourages salvia production and helps keep a mouth soft and fresh over time. It is well accepted by the horse, they chew and relax, resulting in a contented horse that is better prepared to perform. Suitable for all disciplines of the horse world. This mouthpiece is available with Loose Ring, D Ring, and Full Cheek style cheeks.