Watson Bits & Mikmar Elevators

Designed by lifetime horseman Richard Watson of central Florida, in association with the Mikmar Bit Company, the Watson Bit Line offers seven innovative bit styles to choose from. They are useful for both WESTERN and ENGLISH riding. These unique styles have been tested and used by top professional riders, as well as amateurs and juniors of all levels.

Richard Watson designed his first bit in the late 1950's for legendary horseman Monty Forman.  He eventually discovered the world of show jumping and for more than fifty years has been training riders and horses to compete in jumping competitions.  BARREL RACING and GYMKHANA competitors are getting excellent results from the Watson bits and are "best sellers".  We are proud to offer these versatile designs, and welcome Richard Watson to the Mikmar family!

Mikmar Sweet Iron Link Mouthpiece

 This unique wide curved, link-style patented mouthpiece is made of Sweet Iron. Sweet Iron encourages salivation from the horse and acceptance of the bit, it produces a sweet taste that horses like.

The link-style mouthpiece, consisting of three joined links, and is very effective. It eliminates the “nutcracker” pinching action of single- jointed bit, offering more room for the horses tongue. It's unique, wide, curved shape distributes pressure over more area of the tongue and bars when activated.